[maybe the best guitar-playing teaching software in the world. leap ahead from the rest. or maybe not]


Lessons are the main and basic and advanced part of our software. Here the little or older user will be taught how to play the guitar. There are nine lessons which go from learning the basic parts of a guitar through basic chords to playing some popular songs. If you follow the lessons carefully and practice diligently you may become a guitar playing virtuoso.

Main features include:

  • easy to follow instructions
  • chord diagrams for each chord that play music
  • rendered pictures of how to hold a chord
  • little exercises to master each chord where the user can hear what the chord should sound like, record himself and then listen to how he plays
  • rendered videos of how to change finger positions from one chord to another
  • exercises for strum patterns
  • songs after one has mastered required chords, finger position changing and strum patterns

Here are some small screenshots showing what we created:

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