[maybe the best guitar-playing teaching software in the world. leap ahead from the rest. or maybe not]


The Happy Guitar application was developed by a group of students at Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia, Central Europe, European Union, The Earth. It was developed as part of Team Project lessons aimed at software engineering in small software teams in 2005/2006. Our goal was to create a multimedia software application and to attend the Europrix competition. And to win it. We won and we lost. We created the software but didn't win the competition. What a pity.

We called ourselves 7s because there were six of us. And then there was also our Miss Supervisor. So here we are (no meaning in the ordering, it's alphabetical):

  • Jozef Beno
  • Martin Darula
  • Andrej Fiflik
  • Martin Komara
  • Jozef Kriska
  • Ivan Skovran
  • and Mgr. Alenka Kovarova (soon to be PhD.)
    as our Miss Supervisor

Nice to meet you!


(btw someone may still read the mail at 7statocnych at pobox.sk ;)

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